Some Personal Shenanigan No One Wants to Read

Warning: This post is shallow and is just plain boring sh*t about my week. Feel free to skip to the next more meaningful entry in the interwebz. Thanks.

It’s official. I am officially enrolled to voice lessons! Hope they could find me a teacher for piano, though. But for now, I am giddy over the fact that my singing lessons will start next week. 🙂 We went over to the school today to finalize my late enrolment. The teacher made me do some vocalization drills to check whether I am off-key. Thankfully, I’m not. So I got in.

Also, I realized that I need to be very serious with learning German from now on. If I can be fluent, I won’t have a hard time finding a job in Deutschland. So to kick off this Oplan Learning-Deutsch-is-serious-business, I made my own vocab flashcards. It has the word in front and at the back not only it tells me the meaning of the word but also (if it’s a noun), what should be the ending of the word if it were plural. I was able to make a stack about 2cm thick today. This will surely grow as I continue reading German Quickly and listening to my Pimsleur recordings.
Lastly, if there’s anything I am looking forward to this weekend, that would be the fact that I am finally getting a haircut! Yayyyy! My hair has gone so long (it now reaches slightly past my waist). While the hair is healthy, I find this length super annoying. So how short would be my target new hair? This.
IMG_0928 I’m super excited because I’ve been dying to style this hair like this:
I am so looking forward for this week to be over. 🙂 What are you looking forward to?


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