How to Spend the Weekend Alone

Some of you may (or may not know) that I live alone somewhere in Central Europe. I moved here almost two years ago and people always ask me whether I get lonely or bored. Yes. But only sometimes. That’s because I have learned how to spend my days alone.

On weekends, aside from doing my house chores, I:

  1. Sing and play the guitar. I don’t care if I am off-key or if my playing isn’t perfect. I do it anyway. It relieves me from stress. And if I do make mistakes, I just laugh it off. Yes, I laugh out loud. On my own. Maybe I am crazy.
  2. Read. I collect books plus I have lots of books in my tablet. This is a great way to unwind.
  3. Watch Project Runway. It’s a guilty pleasure. I don’t get it either.
  4. Learn German. I’ve been teaching myself this language for three years now. I do read better than I can speak. My listening skills aren’t so shabby. I just can’t speak it. I’m too scared to make mistakes.
  5. Listen to podcasts. My personal favorites are: Slow German, Coffee Break German, and Freakonomics. If you haven’t heard of Freakonomics before, then my friend, you should go check it out. I just finished listening to Is Learning a Foreign Language Really Worth It? and it is good. They tackle various interesting topics and dip into the economics of it.
  6. Cook. It’s threapeutic I think. And it encourages me to eat healthy.

Do you do anything special over the weekends?


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