On Artistic Pursuits (sort of)

As a child, I was exposed to many different things but mainly to sciences and the arts. While science is interesting, I drew, painted, crafted, sang, and tried my hands on different musical instruments. I recall when I was just a toddler, I used to have a toy keyboard. It was a Yamaha HandySound — a gift from my grandmother.

Yamaha HandySound

This was my most favorite toy from when I was three. I never had piano lessons and I wished my parents let me. So I really held on to this tiny Yamaha that could until before I hit high school. This little keyboard taught me how to play by ear. It had built-in games that would really train your ears. But since its keys were very limited, I only learned how to play with one hand (like one would with a melodica).

And now, several years later, I still dream of being able to play the piano. Every time I see a piano, I would sit in front of it and play something by ear with my right hand. I still don’t know how to play with both hands. 😦 Recently, a colleague of mine who’s also into singing and playing musical instruments, told me that she might be able to help me find a teacher. Yesterday, she said that one teacher confirmed that she can accommodate one more student. Oh. My. Gosh. I couldn’t believe my ears. So we immediately signed me up for voice and piano lessons. That’s right. Voice and piano. I’d do anything to become S1 again (although that might be difficult). And I’d do anything to learn how to play the piano and hopefully, eventually, be able to sing accompanied.

At this point, I am not sure whether I should still get a melodica (I mean, I still wanna play the Pink Panther theme because you know, it’s kinda funny) or invest in a digital piano. I am most likely going to do the latter. (Or both and I will just starve in the next few months, I mean at least I can play music, no?)

I’m so, so psyched. 🙂


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