The Weekend Lately

Warning: There are no weekend shenanigans going on lately.

Greek-Style Picnic Salad Lost and Found The Book of Awesome Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Strawberry Jam

While most of my friends are busy exploring other places like New York, Versailles, Dubrovnik, Bali, etc., life has been just plain boring in Bratislava. Mainly because I am boring myself.

I have been trying my best to eat a healthy, balanced diet which is why I am now following the Mediterranean diet. I am always on the search for recipes like this Greek-style picnic salad. Apparently you can’t just boil red kidney beans. You have to soak them overnight. Ha.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Deutschland, my boyfriend is moving to a new apartment and while he was packing his stuff, he found one of my favourite earrings — the one that looks like a ring. This isn’t the first time he found a missing pair of earring. Early this year, he did find another one at his father’s apartment. I lose things, he finds them.

Although I have just downloaded the most recent edition of The Economist, I prefer to read Neil Parischa’s The Book of Awesome. There’s just too much depressing stuff in the news lately. I’d take everyday awesome today instead of reading about declining economies and chaos in the Middle East.

Do you ever feel the pressure to use up the stuff in your kitchen before they go bad? I do. I have that special wheat flour (too chunky for my liking) and baking chocolate from Tesco. I didn’t want to throw those away so I made these chocolate-chip pancakes and smothered them with the strawberry jam from my boyfriend’s mother. She’s growing strawberries in a beautiful garden somewhere in Hamburg and she made the jam from a recent harvest. I am not a fan of jams and marmalades but it’s so yummy when eaten with pancakes.

What have you been reading or eating lately? Tell me about your shenanigans? 🙂


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